Sunday, April 3, 2011

as i move around and through my life
i'm forever drawn to what inspires me.
to the kindlings that ignite my passions
and cause my every sense to vibrate with visions and imaginations unseen …

i am, in my moments of imperfection & evolving strength
drawn to the shore.
i inhale the saline currents of water and air.
i quench myself in golden rays of dayshine.
i am amplified,
as each of Gaia's inconsiderable miracles sing out
mellifluous voices raised
in a sacred hymn
that only i can hear!

my weekend is brimming over …
my every sense is aroused.


 by the wing beats of birds
each upstroke a whisper
of renewal and rebirth.

i didn't know that barn swallows mated
in accordance with the rise and fall of the Golden Gate's indigo hem,
or that the beaks of starlings
turn to pure gold
in this vernal season
did you?

my cup is half full
with smiles from strangers.
our inconsequential chatter as we pass each other by
about sun and small dogs
means nothing at all
and everything at once!

we are connected in space and time
sewn into place by this faire city
and however brief our encounter
i am reminded of the worth
of REAL human connection.

my creative juices are welling,
nearing spill stagewith the assembling of treasures, collected and
placed before me,
fragments of my vision ... arcs of my soul:

leather, time worn smooth by the skins of humankind.
rubies, the seeds of Persephone's fruit.
amethyst, crystalline and delicate, protecting us against thievery,
fortifying us with courage, yet reminding us to be gentle.
silver & bones, burnished and washed white.
stars, hailing from the seas and the skies, holding tight ~ shining bright.
shells, calciferous forts, abandoned homes, grain eroded to luminescence.
and gold, Montezuma's honey, spun hair of angels, light from the earth.

my palette has been quenched with blush wine
the color of conch pearls and heaven.
it's been piqued by chile and rare spices, caressed by the bittersweet broodings of cacao
and salt-stained with fried capers, and hardware store popcorn!

the ca-cawing of crows fills the room, birdsong and paw pattering.
laughter enters my windows.
gratefulness spills from my being
yet, i am filled up.

and then, what remains of today?

hoping your weekend has been thus far bountiful 
in all that awakens your imagination …
and your senses.


  1. what a wonderful post...
    Your images and writings are wonderful!
    it seems you are having a lovely weekend.
    may the other half be as full.

  2. SPARKLES, peanut eating crows....beautiful images of nature's doesn't get much better.....perfectly Laurie!

  3. Love this.

    I also ate hardware store popcorn this weekend: is there anything more delightful to do while picking out paint colors?

    xoxoxo, creative woman!