Saturday, March 19, 2011

eastward, in Eden

(be that woman)
eastward, in Eden

and quite possibly who
might we discover
dust off and uncover
if we ventured
eastward into Eden?

a tree ...
with roots gnarled and pushed deep
into the flesh of the earth,
woven and bound
into the cultural memory of mankind.
its boughs weighted with offerings
of knowledge
swaying and creaking under the unbearable weight
of all that is and has ever been,
evil and good

a fruit ...
eye blindingly golden, imagined ruby red
whose very flesh offers
and makes promises
of knowledge, immortality, temptation, health
learning, yearning
and wealth

a serpent ...
coiled at the tree's trunk
encircling its waist
beguiling and sleek.
moving as water does - that liquid opal
mercurial, dangerous.
using God's fruit
to coax, to dare, to court
with rousings
of earthly pleasures
sensuality, sexuality, virility and fertility

a man.

a WOMAN … !
a woman who could have been me
and lovlier you

why is it believed that she faltered and stumbled
in a moment of weakness,
when in reality
she acted alone
held up of her own bones.

she took the initiative
made her own decision
born from a deep seeded desire
for tenderness
and the purest
of affections.
a sort of
'original expression'

for she was only striving
to achieve blessing
and to gain a fuller experience
of life
in its entirety
to inhale it
feel it
as deeply as she might
to the depths of her core
all of it
and not.

so why?

why shouldn't we
be more like her
that woman,
our foremother
who far in the East
taught us of the human desire
of the simplest but most profound need
to embrace the world
and ingest experience
without restraint ...

who reached for the fruit
and enjoyed
every bittersweet bite.

why shouldn't you be that woman
in your own Eden
in the East
of right here
and now?

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